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The Wine Ambassador is more of a wine community than a wine club, but there are still a lot of similarities when you consider the advantages of taking part in our programs. For one thing, wine clubs typically attract wine lovers, and that’s the most important part of joining any club! Gathering people together who want to experience great wines and then talk about their experiences is one of the most exciting parts of what we’re building here at the Wine Ambassador.

But for many wine lovers who’ve been a part of the wine culture for some time, joining another “wine club” is not all that exciting. In the past, the way traditional wine clubs were set up was rather self-serving for the individual winery that was looking to acquire repeat sales after a guest visited their tasting room. As a result, a guest who joined the club was required to purchase a specific lot of wine per month or quarter in Vector image of red wine being poured into wine glassexchange for a discount on their wines. While that’s a nice bonus for joining the club, the net result is that the member had a limited wine experience as they were only purchasing one brand of wine from one specific winery.

The Wine Club Culture

The good news is that things have started to change for the better, and the wine club culture is expanding, innovating and doing more to serve the needs of the individual member. For one thing, joining a wine club like the Wine Ambassador has huge advantages because we never feature a single wine, winery or winemaker. Instead, we go out of our way to find unique and delicious wines that are difficult to discover on your own, and then we share the stories behind these wines, enologists and viticulturists with our community. Expanding the wine experience to include a huge collection of wines is our vision, and we love the idea of adding new members to our version of a wine club without a lot of strings attached.

But there are a few advantages clubs have to offer that even the Wine Ambassador is eager to embrace. Here are just a few:

  1. Replenishing Your Supply: The worst day for a wine lover is when he or she discovers they have run out of wine! So being a part of a community or club like ours helps our members maintain a steady supply of wines that range from collectable wines to wines for everyday - and everything in between!
  2. Better Pricing: When it comes to the way the Wine Ambassador offers our members wine, the key is buying power - not long-term commitments. We bundle our wine offerings into packs that end up saving our members a lot of money on the wine, and, then we provide huge advantages on shipping costs. As our community grows, we’re able to leverage our community numbers into even better pricing on our bundles, which ensures that true lovers of wine are always fully stocked and ready to enjoy - with no binding commitments or hidden rules.
  3. Choices: A club like the Wine Ambassador is always going to offer our members choices - choices in varietals, styles, quantities and purchasing options. A successful club model has to fit the needs of the member first, and that is our main focus.

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The Club Scene
The Club Scene: It's too noisy in here! “It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking too much.” -Yogi Berra..