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Part of being in the Wine Ambassador community is gaining access to great recipes for pairing food and wine. We want to make sure our members have the best experiences with all of our wines, and part of that is inspiring culinary options to pair with every wine we offer.

But to give you some very general ideas of how we approach pairing food and wine, here are a few things for you to think about when it comes to finding a recipe:

How Heavy or Light Do You Want to Eat?

The Weight of the Meal: That might sound like a funny way to say it, but it actually makes sense to consider how heavy or light you want to eat. In the summer months, people tend to want to eat “lighter” foods, while in the winter, a “heavy meal” can make you feel warm and cozy.

There are wines that go better with lighter fare - such as a brilliant Sauvignon Blanc, for example - and wines that go better with heavy meals - like a good, rich Merlot. But evaluating the weight of the recipe you’ll be preparing is a great starting point when you begin picking our your wine options.

Learning More About Food Preparation Techniques

Preparation & Ingredients: HOW you prepare a meal plays into the pairing of food with wine nearly as much the KIND of food you’ll be serving. What that means is that if you grill versus bake, broil versus baste, or pan fry versus deep fry, the wine that pairs best can greatly vary. One of the reasons that pairing food and wine is such an art is because there are specific cooking techniques that brings out flavors in the food, which in turn brings out flavors in the wine.

Learning more about these techniques will always enhance your total culinary experience, and it’s what makes recipe blogs like the ones you’ll find on the Wine Ambassador site so useful!

Select Your Wine First; Then Choose Your Food

Plan the Wine First: It’s safe to say that a lot of people plan a meal by thinking of the protein and sides first, and then try to choose the wine. But sometimes the more creative approach is to select your favorite wine, Vector image of food, wine, and grapesand then construct your menu based on the characteristics you like the most about that wine. It can be so much more interesting to let the wine define the culinary journey!

Going Out on a Limb

Try Something New: Most of the time, we all have a go-to list of our favorite varietals of wine to serve with a good recipe. That’s great, but sometimes it’s better to push yourself to try a wine you don’t normally drink, and then thoughtfully pair it with some of your favorite go-to dishes.

Wines, like Sangiovese as an example, are some of the most food-friendly wines on the planet, and so adding this unique Italian varietal into the mix of ideas might wake up a favorite dish in a new and inventive way! Just be bold and try something new, and you might discover a brand new “go-to wine” in the process!

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