Buying Wine

Image of woman inspecting and buying wine at store

Not to sound dramatic, but “buying wine” can be terrifying. For the newcomer to the world of wine, the experience of choosing wine can be anxiety-ridden because there’s so much selection, so many price points, and no way of truly knowing how a wine tastes before you open the bottle.

For the serious wine drinker, the process isn’t all that much easier. The choices coupled with all of the various write-ups that are printed in fancy wine magazines can make your head spin - even when you know what you’re doing.

But wine buying doesn’t have to be like this. There is a way to build up your confidence about buying wines by sticking to a few key strategies.

Sometimes Less is More

1. Define Your Price Range: One thing the Wine Ambassador offers our community of members is the ability to discover amazing wines that are not outrageously priced. When a person is new to buying wine, it’s common to make the assumption that only expensive wine is good, and cheap wine is bad; this is not patently true.

In fact, there are some really great inexpensive wines out there, but you might just need to know where to look. But, the most important starting place is to figure out your own price range. This will ensure that whether you buy direct from the Wine Ambassador or at a local store, you have a set parameter to work with to help you narrow your choices.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Vector of woman buying wine2. Be Careful What You Read: There are some stunning wine magazines out there, but each one has beautifully written articles about wines that include reviews from wine experts that may be way over your head. A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous in the wine industry, so when you’re just getting started on selecting wines on your own, “a little bit of fancy goes a long way.”

The better approach is to ask people you know who enjoy wines what some of their favorite varietals are and why they like them. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising — even in the wine world!

Every Bottle Counts

3. Buy Multiple Bottles: It’s a fact that volume pricing gives you a huge price advantage when buying wine - especially when you buy directly from the Wine Ambassador. But there’s also a couple of other reasons this is a splendid idea. If you’re planning to serve wine at a dinner party or offer the wine as a gift, it’s great if you’ve already experienced the wine for yourself to make sure you like it. Wine is very subjective, but more than likely if you like the wine, then you’ll enjoy even more with friends.

Another reason having multiple bottles of a given wine on hand is so smart is because when you like wine, you’re going to want to have it again — and sometimes, that isn’t an option. Wine is sold in vintages, and each vintage is uniquely different. So once a given vintage is sold out, you’ll never be able to duplicate that experience exactly the same way again! That’s partly what makes wine so exciting - every bottle counts, and the experiences you create when you pull the cork are one-of-a-kind!

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