Bros Vs. Pros

One thing we’ve discovered here in wine country is that there are a lot of opinions! Everyone has one, and some people even get paid a lot of money to share theirs with the world. Of course opinions aren’t all bad. In fact opinions can be useful. They can help you pick and choose wines that are likely to please. But at the end of the day, when you open up a bottle of wine and pour yourself a glass, the only opinion that really should matter is yours!

So to prove that point, every month or so, we set up a friendly tasting competition we call the Bros Vs. Pros. At each of these events, we ask regular people just like you to do a blind tasting right along side some of the wine industry’s top somms, chefs and winemakers. Then we can discover - together - what makes one wine stand out more than an other.

Bottle Battles

In the coming months, the Wine Ambassador will be inviting you to a very special event you can take part in from the comfort of your own home. We’re calling it the Bottle Battle. To help you learn and discover more about varietal wines, each month, our community of members can purchase a three pack of three distinctive wines all within a specific varietal category. For example, we may offer you a Pinot Noir from the North Coast of California, a Pinot Noir from the Oregon Coast, and one Pinot Noir from the Central Coast region of California. Then, our team will sit down and film our own blind tasting of these three wines to decide which Pinot is OUR favorite.

When you receive your shipment, you can do exactly what we did with a few of your friends, and then post your results on our site. After you post your results, we will reveal our results along with the results of other people in our Wine Ambassador Community. The wine that wins the most votes in these community-wide competitions will then be offered to our members at a very special price, and, one lucky winner who posted their results on our website will be entered to win a trip to take part in another Bottle Battle right here in the Wine Country with our team!