Moms vs. Somms

In honor of Mother's Day, we've set up a special blind tasting featuring four moms, and two somms! Find out which Chardonnay and which Sauvignon Blanc was this groups fav! Be sure to check out this video, and then order your mom the perfect gift!

Discoveries by Wine Ambassador

At the Wine Ambassador, we believe that you should always drink wines that are delicious. But we also believe that an everyday wine is nearly as important to a wine lover as an occasion wine. So we’ve created a special category we call Discoveries by Wine Ambassador to better serve our community. We price these half-case offerings at $59, and then fill the collection with amazing wines to drink on “days that end in y!”

Sixteen 600: Biodynamic Winemaking

Meet Phil Coturri and his son, Sam - two of the Wine Country’s most memorable people. Led by a deeply held conviction that wine is grown, not made, the Coturri’s are truly defining this emerging category of organic farming known as biodynamics. The level of commitment and integrity that goes into growing grapes using this philosophy inspires truth inside each bottle of wine, and creates a beautiful story of how nature was meant to compliment the wine drinking experience.

Bros Vs. Pros: Cabernet Sauvignon

Our very first match-up between the regular people (the Bros) and the wine experts (the Pros) was a huge hit! See what happened when we gathered together a group of people from all over the country to do a blind tasting of eight beautiful California Cabernet Sauvignons. The results were a big surprise to everyone, and you won’t want to miss out on this fun and engaging experience!

Edict Wine: Alexander Valley Pinot Noir

Every now and then, you find a wine that is a consistent winner - and that’s what we found in this delicious Edict Pinot Noir. Made from grapes grown in the stunning Ander Valley, this Edict Pinot tastes like berries and cream on the palate, and pairs with so many of your favorite foods. Listen as winemaker, Paul Shakeshaft, shares his thoughts and feelings about this very special wine.

The Veedercrest Story

It’s rare to hear a story like Ron Fenolio’s. As a fourth-generation winemaker - who started making wine for the first time in his own basement - the story of his rise to winemaking fame seems like a fairytale. With a steady hand and a beautiful perspective on why wine matters to him, Ron has achieved great things in his life, and in the wines he makes under the Veedercrest label.

The Disaster Somm

Meet Jonas St. Croix (comedian Claude Shires). His unique take on wine - what it pairs with, how to do a proper pour, and how to speak the “truth” about wine - will help you feel like you know a lot more about wine than you ever imagined!

Bros Vs. Pros: Sangiovese

Normally thought of exclusively as an Italian varietal, California Sangiovese wines are coming on strong, and may even be the very best wine you can have on hand if you enjoy food! During this match-up between regular people (the Bros) and four top-level industry experts (the Pros), we presented a flight of eight Sangiovese wines - one of which was straight from Italy. Find out for yourself how the California wines did in this exciting match-up!

Welcome to the Wine Ambassador

We’re excited to add you to the Wine Ambassador community! Meet our cinematographer, Flynn Kelleher, as he explains a little bit about the early vision of our community concept.