Lou ZantWine Ambassador

Allow me to share my favorite toast:

To Faith, Family, Friends...and Fortune will follow.

I’m just a regular guy, with no fancy experience or specific background in the wine industry. In fact… the things I don’t know about wine might make me seem like an unlikely person to start a wine community! But what I do know is that I love wine, and after moving to the California Wine Country, I’ve had a driving belief that I could find a new way to connect people just like me to the amazing wines that are hidden here in plain sight. Inviting people to be apart of something bigger than one winery just makes sense to me. Offering people a place to discover incredible wines they never knew existed excites me. Giving fellow wine lovers direct access to the wines I discover as their Ambassador, and then including them in every experience that goes along with this amazing world gives me purpose.

As I’ve been building the Wine Ambassador, I’ve had to challenge my beliefs on occasion.

I don’t believe in wine clubs anymore; but I do believe in building a wine community.
I don’t believe you have to be an expert on wine to be a part of the truest form of “wine culture.”
I believe the most important opinion in the wine country is yours.
I believe wine is meant to be shared, discussed, and celebrated.
And above all, I believe that the wine always taste better when you know the story…


I’ve learned a lot of things in my storied career as a serial entrepreneur, and as a Baby Boomer who is inventing the second half of my life, I understand my priorities better than ever. It’s the people you gather around you in your life that give it the most meaning — and nothing gathers people more beautifully than a bottle of wine. For me, the Wine Ambassador is a community for wine lovers. Period.

So… You’re welcome.

Flynn KelleherCinematographer & Wine Ambassador

Allow me to share my favorite toast:

May the most you wish for…be the least you get.

Wine is generous. When you open a bottle with a few friends, everyone’s personal reaction to the color, the aroma and the flavors of the wine creates a shared moment that has true value. The stories that are told in the wine — as well as by the people gathered around the table drinking it — creates a one-of-a-kind experience. And as it opens up in the glass, the wine continues to give more layers to every palate, and every moment…until the bottle is empty.

Maybe I notice these things more than most people. As a cinematographer, it is my job to capture a scene, and then reflect it back so others can start to experience something, too. Interviewing winemakers through the lens of my camera gives me a unique look inside of a bottle of wine before it’s ever opened. Capturing the passion, the integrity and the intention of the winemaker is my focus; but setting the tone for how the wine will breath and come to life in your glass is where the story is fully revealed.

When our members watch one of our videos, I hope they will discover some of the same moments that have inspired me. The imagination and what you wish for in your glass is made perfect when you start your journey with the story. At the Wine Ambassador, our story is only made complete when you watch, and then experience what we’ve found especially for you.


So… You’re welcome.

Ron FenolioWine Ambassador

Allow me to share my favorite toast:

To the children of our parents…

When I think back to my childhood, most of my best memories include family and friends gathered around a table covered with delicious food, endless bottles of wine, and a red tablecloth. My Nonna (Grandmother) always set the table with a red tablecloth due to one of my Nonno’s (Grandfather’s) favorite eccentric toast. He would fill his glass and the pour it the length of the table while saying “Now the table cloth is already dirty, you don’t to worry about it anymore, let’s enjoy our dinner and each other”

There was something perfect about the imperfection of toasting this way. It was as if my Nonno knew that the spilling of the wine blessed the table, the friends and the moments with a freedom to be yourself. In America in particular, wine is often perceived to be exclusive and elitist - something only a few can understand and enjoy. But in my family, wine was life. It was love…and it was inclusion.

That’s what we hope to create with the Wine Ambassador community. We want the love and the passion that is found in every bottle of wine we discover for our site to add to your life abundantly. We do our best to find wines that will gather people together in your life, and to bring out the best in the people and the food you prepare.


So… You’re welcome.

Russell StanleyPresident & Wine Ambassador

Allow me to share my favorite toast:

Here's to the nights we'll never remember with the friends we'll never forget.

What makes an event unforgettable? For me, it’s the stories…and the experiences. Every time I’m seated around a table - whether it’s for business or for pleasure - and food and wine is shared, an experience is created. I feel lucky to have grown up in Marin County where access to great wines and interesting people doing fascinating things is the norm. But I don’t take my reality for granted.

The reason I wanted to be a part of the Wine Ambassador is because I believe there are a lot of undiscovered wines to be shared in the Wine Country, and a lot of deserving people who need to know this. There are so many labels on wine lists that people recognize and assume are the best because they’re expensive and known. But “expense account wines,” as I like to call them, can mislead people into thinking there are only a few good wines out there, and you’ll have to pay dearly to experience them.

A community like the Wine Ambassador is built around discovering delicious wines of every price point, and revealing the journey of the grape from the vineyard to the glass. It’s centered on embracing a fuller experience of the Wine Country - not just the fancy marketing of a single brand or vineyard. This is an inclusive community for winemakers and wine lovers alike - and I’d never want it to be any other way. You may at some point forget the events of an evening spent with your friends, but you’ll never forget the bonds that were forged when you discovered a new bottle of wine that came alive in your glass!


So… You’re welcome.