Throw Another Wine on the Barbie!

Wine pairs perfectly with summer! It can cool you off after a day in the sun, or add delicious layers of flavor to your favorite flame-broiled meats. Here’s an article to inspire you as you fire up your grill, and invite your friends over for an evening of relaxation!

Throw Another Wine on the Barbie!

by Sunny Brown

Original article found on Wine Geeks.

So the dog days of summer have arrived and folks everywhere have donned Hawaiian shirts and headed out to the back forty. The charcoal has been laid, the lighter fluid sprayed and more than a few arm hairs have been singed. Burning flesh aside, its time for the Barbeque!


Across many a sun-drenched vista beers that are buried in buckets of ice will glisten in the hot summer sun. Fruity drinks will call out from their homes beneath parasols stuck in coconuts and pineapples for patio dwellers to come and quench their thirst. Even Gatorade has a home at the picnic table. But what about the wine? Must we wait until the sun has set and another season of bad golf behind us before we can enjoy our delicious, grape-flavored beverages?

No way, grill master!

There are plenty of wonderful wines that pair well with foods that have seen the mesmerizing dance of an open flame. So which wines to choose? What pairs well with descriptors like "charred," "smoky" and "just plain burnt?" While this last one may be a bit tough (just like your steak if this is how you like it) the rest can be easily accommodated with a wide range of wines, including the most American of wines paired with the most American of pastimes: BBQ and Zinfandel.

There can be no greater pairing in the back yard than that of BBQ and Zinfandel.

While Zinfandel may be able to trace its roots back to Croatia, it is in the United States that it has found a home and fortune. The same can be said for the trusty old Weber that sits perched on the back patio, just waiting to ingest a few briquettes and spit back some grilled goodies. Man may have found fire long ago, but Dad is the one who has truly mastered it.

Zinfandel has often been described as having flavor components that range from peppery to sweet to smoky. Sound like anything else you know? How about a good BBQ sauce? The savory and beautiful flavors of perfectly-done BBQ chicken or ribs calls out for a bold and brash wine. Zinfandel can answer the bell. 

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