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The only thing better than savoring a bottle of your favorite wine, is enjoying it with a meal that compliments it in every way.

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At the Wine Ambassador, we believe that you should always drink wines that are delicious. But we also believe that an everyday wine is nearly as important to a wine lover as an occasion wine. So we’ve created a special category we call Discoveries by Wine Ambassador to better serve our community. We price these half-case offerings at $59, and then fill the collection with amazing wines to drink on “days that end in y!”

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The Wine Ambassador community is a fresh new kind of wine club! Our mission is to tell you the stories behind some hidden gems from the California Wine Country and then give you direct access to these wines at the best prices! So check out our wine community!

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Every month or so, the Wine Ambassador features videos of some of the unique events we host here in the California Wine Country. Click join the party for a few of the events that are ongoing, or coming soon to our website.

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